Arlen Keith Leight, LCSW, PhD is a licensed psychotherapist and relationship counselor in private practice in Palm Springs, CA.  Dr. Leight brings over 20 years of experience and educational background from some of the finest schools in the country, including The Johns Hopkins University, to patient care.  Dr. Leight’s Doctorate in Clinical Sexology gives his patients the confidence to speak about the most sensitive and intimate aspects of life feeling safe and cared for without judgment.  Dr. Leight uses heart-centered, here-and-now, powerful and contemporary approaches to help you move forward in life and find your sense of peace.

Dr. Leight has taught at multiple universities around the country in a professorial capacity and has lectured extensively on LGBTQ+ issues.  Included in his authorship resume is the book, Sex Happens:  The Gay Man’s Guide to Creative Intimacy.

Dr. Leight is currently licensed in California (#LCSW79108) and Florida (#SW6901). As such, Dr. Leight is able to offer both individual psychotherapy and couples counseling via tele-mental health in those 2 states.  In-office care in Palm Springs, CA, including groups and workshops, is available in accordance with State COVID guidelines at the time of service.