Dr. Leight finds that some of the most effective work his patients can do to affect positive change in their lives is through group interaction. Groups and workshops are powerful in providing motivation from other participants to get unstuck and grow. Dr. Leight offers only 2 or 3 groups and workshops per year. Check back here frequently for upcoming group work as they tend to fill quickly. Dr. Leight always limits groups to a maximum of 10 participants, once the group starts they are closed to newcomers, and they are limited in time and scope. If the idea of a group is anxiety provoking, that is not unusual. Making yourself vulnerable with others is the part of the process that facilitates effective, life-enhancing change. Dr. Leight will always keep you and the group safe as he guides the experience with the love and care of a seasoned professional.

Intimacy and Sex For Gay Men

Intimacy and Sex for Gay Men is a one evening/week, 8 week group in which Dr. Leight presents various aspects of intimacy and sex that challenge gay men, and lead an interactive conversation about what the participants are learning. Participants are encouraged to take what they have learned into life between sessions. Couples and individuals are welcome to attend.

Self-Esteem and Personal Empowerment

Self-Esteem and Personal Empowerment is a one evening/week, 8 week group in which Dr. Leight helps you uncover the barriers to feeling good about yourself and worthy of the very best in life. Dr. Leight has seen more dramatic growth and change through the 8 weeks of this group than any other he offers. This is a particularly good group to do in conjunction with individual therapy with Dr. Leight.

Authentic Dating 101 for Gay Men

Authentic Dating 101 for Gay Men is a weekend intensive workshop meeting Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. If you have been struggling with dating, this is the workshop for you. Dr. Leight will challenge you, but you will come away with tools for changing your current strategic dating approach to an honest and authentic-to-you way of connecting with others. Even during the weekend on Saturday night, participants will come back in on Sunday morning to report, “this really works!”

Communication Skills

Communication Skills is for anyone who wants to learn how to engage others so they are heard and understood. This is a 6-week group, one evening a week, limited to 10 individuals (couples may attend) who find it difficult to have difficult conversations. Dr. Leight’s work with intimacy and relationship counseling provide a great background for facilitation of this learn and do group.

Post-Prostate Surgery Support

Post-Prostate Surgery Support is a group for men who have challenges post-surgically with sex and intimacy meeting one evening a week for 10 weeks and limited to 10 men. While Dr. Leight will provide practical information, this group is mostly for emotional support through a difficult time. Dr. Leight’s background in medicine and sexology make him uniquely qualified to be of help with this group of men.

Coming Out at Any Age

Coming Out at Any Age is an 8-week group for gay men meeting one evening per week limited to 10 men who want to talk about their experiences and challenges as they come out. This group has seen men as young as 18 and as old as 80, so no matter your age, you are welcome to come and share. Dr. Leight will support and facilitate your conversation, and help you find increased peace and acceptance as a gay man.