life transitions

Individual Therapy

As we move through life change is inevitable. Each life stage has different life tasks with accompanying challenges. Decision making becomes complex as we must choose directions that may cause great discomfort, confusion, inner and interpersonal conflict and fear. Dr. Leight’s practice experience over 20 years may be your source of comfort, support and guidance through these difficult times.


Retirement is most always anticipated with great excitement and joy. As wonderful as this new phase of life can be, suddenly we may feel great loss, emptiness and confusion. Even a well-planned retirement can shake loose disturbances we have been ignoring for years. Our careers may have covered up or distracted us from issues we never wanted to face. Now with more time on our hands, those issues may be front-and-center. All of our relationships shift. It may feel as though everyone else has changed when it is our own perspective that is being challenged. This is a time for therapy to help get a handle on this new and potentially exciting time. Dr. Leight can help you explore the issues underlying the new angst and help get you on path to the retirement you are hoping to experience with joy.


Aging brings with it special challenges in this era of youth and beauty orientation and rapid technological changes. We tend to internalize a culture that devalues the aging body and feel less confident about ourselves. We experience physical challenges, illness and disease we may never have previously had to deal with. Our minds and bodies may slow down leaving us feeling left behind. Sexually we may feel “damaged” limiting our intimate life. Aging is a natural part of life’s path that we often feel we cannot accept. Dr. Leight’s experience with the older adult gives him the ability to empathize and assist in accepting and embracing your life where you are now. You deserve happiness no matter your age.

Mid-life Crisis

Mid-life Crisis is one of those cliches we use when we observe someone from 35-55 apparently acting more like an adolescent. However, mid-life is a natural time of reassessment. Like the adolescent, we are seeking to break out of old definitions of self that no longer apply. The “crisis” is often worse for those in relationship with the mid-lifer, but it is the mid-lifer that deserves to free themselves from life choices made years before they knew who they really were and what they really wanted from life. Dr. Leight’s work with mid-lifers is extensive, and he is formidably qualified to help with this life transition that can be painful but also defining for one’s life ahead.

Coming Out

Coming Out, whether to oneself or to others, is a hugely challenging and often disturbing experience. The cultural homophobia and heterosexism that prevents us from naturally growing into our sexuality as LGBTQ+ individuals can be internalized and keep us from our birthright as sexual human beings. Religious beliefs, societal messaging and parental admonishment can keep us closeted years beyond our natural inclinations to love as we were meant to in alignment with our authentic sense of self. Dr. Leight has been helping patients come out to self and other his entire career, and he has even done groups for men coming out past age 60. Reach out to Dr. Leight for real expertise in the area of sexual identity acceptance and integration into your whole life experience.

Medical and Health Challenges

Medical and Health Challenges may present unexpected and undesired life transitions. Priorities shift as we grapple with physical changes, medications and surgery and financial implications. Dr. Leight received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and practiced dental medicine prior to his work as a mental health practitioner. His medical background makes him uniquely qualified to help with life transitions related to physical health and disease.


End-of-Life is a time of life review and preparation for our final life transition. Everyone experiences death. When it is not sudden, the transition can be filled with fear and deep sadness. Everyone around us is affected. We may be struggling with feelings of guilt, resentment, impotence, anger and more. Dr. Leight’s first mentor and supervisor was a hospice social worker at Johns Hopkins hospital. His foundational understanding of death and dying may be of great help as you navigate your own or a loved one’s end-of-life transition.

Career and Financial Changes

Career and Financial Changes impact every aspect of life. Whether the change is for the better or for the worse, the effect on sense of self and all of our relationships can be quite significant. Coping with the changes may leave us feeling angry, resentful or disrespected when the change is not by choice. If by choice, the transition may leave us confused, anxious and unsure. Dr. Leight is able to help you navigate the changes and the resultant feelings that may ensue. A supportive therapist can be extremely helpful in getting life back on track.


Relocation, often associated with some of the previously discussed life transitions such as retirement and career change, leaves most of us feeling disoriented and lost. How do we make a new life in a new location? How does our personality fit in to our successful transition? How do I meet new people? How do I get over my fears of starting all over again? Dr. Leight can help guide you through these important questions and overcome the anxieties associated with learning to live a new life in a new place.