relationships and intimacy

Couple Therapy

Dr. Leight has his doctorate in Clinical Sexology, is a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, has taught PhD students in sexology and has 20+ years’ experience working with relationship counseling and sex therapy. Indeed, intimacy is Dr. Leight’s primary area of expertise, and he is author of the book Sex Happens: The Gay Man’s Guide to Creative Intimacy.

Patients under Dr. Leight’s care for couples therapy will be given a complimentary copy of Sex Happens.

Sex and Intimacy

Sex and Intimacy are often used interchangeably, but sex is only one aspect of intimacy. Intimacy is directly proportional to emotional vulnerability, and Dr. Leight works with his couples to discover and explore what is at the heart of the emotional disconnect creating blocks to sex and intimacy. Traditional psychotherapy in combination with contemporary sex therapy and at-home exercises are used to help loosen the barriers between partners and find deeper levels of intimacy and sexual connection.

Conflict Resolution and Communication

Conflict Resolution and Communication are at the heart of all relationship challenges. Everyone thinks relationships are built on love. While love is foundational, relationships are built on conflict resolution. Many couples simply avoid conflict and tension in their partnership or marriage. Avoidance builds walls that become blocks to intimacy and the health of the partnership. Dr. Leight works with his couples to help them understand the triggers in their relationship that lead to conflict and develop the communication skills to work through and resolve the tension. Trust is built on honest, open and complete emotional expression. This sort of openness may be particularly difficult for men socialized in our culture to suppress feelings. Dr. Leight helps provide the skills necessary to transcend blocks to interpersonal expression.

Infidelity and Breach of Trust

Infidelity and Breach of Trust can absolutely destroy a relationship. The toughest times for couples often come after an affair or sexual indiscretion. Feelings of betrayal and loss can be difficult to resolve making relationship restoration a huge challenge. Dr. Leight is very skilled at helping men move through the pain and rebuild the connection using the loving foundation they share.

Open Relationship Contracting

Open Relationship Contracting is an option for couples who mutually choose non-traditional relationship models. Many couples choose sexual exclusivity, but others feel they want to explore sexually with others either within or outside of their own primary relationship. Sexual freedom of this sort can be a disaster for a relationship when it is unstructured or involves lying and cheating. A well contracted open relationship with mutually agreed to parameters to protect the emotional fidelity of the primary partnership is workable with some couples. Dr. Leight can assess the feasibility of such an arrangement for your relationship and help you determine what guidelines will work for you and your partner.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling has been shown to be very effective in helping couples decide about legal marriage, customize the ceremony and marriage itself to fit their own unique relationship, and prepare and strategize for potential challenges they face as a married couple. Give thought before marriage to having Dr. Leight help prepare you for your new married life.

Finding a Respectful Ending

Finding a Respectful Ending is critical for moving on after a significant relationship or marriage. Dr. Leight can help you try to save a failing relationship by working on communication, conflict resolution, sexual challenges or even guiding a marriage sabbatical to see if some distancing perspective might help. When all else fails, however, Dr. Leight can help you find a respectful transition to honor the love and history of your relationship and move on in peace.

Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamorous Relationships seem to be a new buzzword in the culture, often misused and misunderstood. Dr. Leight has been working with “truples” for decades, and the emotional and strategic challenges for this type of intimacy are enormous. If you are in such a relationship and having struggles, or if you are contemplating such relationships, Dr. Leight is a great resource for helping you find your way.