For Men

As previously mentioned, Dr. Leight has his doctorate in Clinical Sexology, is a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, has taught PhD students in sexology and has 20+ years experience working with relationship counseling and sex therapy. Indeed, intimacy is Dr. Leight’s primary area of expertise, and he is author of the book Sex Happens: The Gay Man’s Guide to Creative Intimacy.


Desire is the number one problem bringing men and couples into sex therapy. Dr. Leight is an expert in the field of sexual desire challenges, and he is able to quickly assess and work with the issue of lack of desire for a partner. Lack of desire is often understood as a physical problem. While this may be true, it is all too frequently about the lack of erotic connection or the lack of emotional intimacy in a relationship. You will absolutely be helped by seeing Dr. Leight for an assessment and appropriate guidance.

Erectile Disorder

Erectile Disorder may be a lack of desire for a partner, but there are many reasons for and solutions to this problem. Dr. Leight can definitely help assess the reason(s) for the ED, and he can work with simple sex therapy techniques or a combination of therapy and medication by collaborating with your urologist or psychiatrist.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is defined as ejaculating before you want to. Dr. Leight is trained in a number of sex therapy techniques that may solve the problem for you. Dr. Leight may also be able to help with the frustrations of unwanted Delayed Ejaculation.

Pre- and Post-Prostate Surgery

Pre- and Post-Prostate Surgery evaluation and care are important for treatment selection prior to and sexual performance after the fact. Many straight urologists do not understand gay sexuality, and they may be advising you on treatment based on a heterosexual model. Dr. Leight may be able to help you with your urologist to decide on the best care for you as a top or as a bottom sexually. Dr. Leight can be of great help as support through the entire treatment process and the results of treatment on your sex life.

Sexual Compulsivity

Sexual Compulsivity is a big problem that is defined by how sex affects your overall ability to live a full life. Avoiding a “sex addiction” model of treatment that rarely helps, Dr. Leight will go deep to help you discover the reasons underlying the compulsive behavior and help find best solutions to living a more comfortable and productive life while still maintaining an enjoyable sex life.