Sex Happens: The Gay Man's Guide to Creative Intimacy

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Passionate Partners Meet and Sex Happens…

But What Happens Next?

When we start dating, the sex happens. All the other relationship stuff hits the fan later. Well, if you’ve picked up this book, it’s later. And if that stuff is starting to get in the way of your relationship (and the sex), it’s time to get to work. (Don’t worry—this work won’t be easy, but it could be fun.)

Do you see yourself in one of these situations (and who hasn’t at one time or another)?

• Coupled, but dissatisfied with your sexual connection

• Coupled, with difficulty communicating

• Coupled in conflict

• Coupled, but looking for new ways to create intimacy and connect

• Coupled, looking for an exclusive or open sexual relationship

• Coupled, but unsure about staying in your relationship

• Single and hoping for a way to sidestep some of the pitfalls of
long-term relationships

Then this book is for you!

In fact, Sex Happens is, quite simply, a book for any gay man at a turning point in his relationship life. Think of it as months of working with a clinical sex therapist, but without having to pay for the weekly sessions! (Plus, the time “on the couch” can be much more fun in your own home—it’s all in the book.)

(Patients under Dr. Leight’s care for couples therapy will be given a complimentary copy of Sex Happens.)

Take a look inside:

Table of Contents
Excerpt II
Excerpt III

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Arlen Keith Leight Ph.D. knows what he’s talking about. He has a successful therapy practice of his own where he works with gay men on relationship intimacy. Counseling clients using the tips and techniques presented in this book, he helps couples decide on the best paths to take—whether together or separately. And, yes, Sex Happens can also be a great resource for professionals working with gay men on sexual intimacy issues. You want the best for your partner and yourself—and no one deserves to be unhappy in the most important relationship in his life. You owe it to yourself to get to work and find out just how Sex Happens.


“IT’S ABOUT TIME!!…Thank you, Dr. Leight… for FINALLY presenting a REALISTIC book addressing man-to-man unique challenges and obstacles to intimacy. With cards on the table, SEX HAPPENS addresses sexual templates, elements of healthy dialogue and creative relationship agreements.
SEX HAPPENS: honest, helpful, and CRITICALLY ON TIME!!!”
– DR. MARILYN K. VOLKER, American Board of Sexology

SEX HAPPENS is a terrific book that is substantial, well documented, and actually is of value to BOTH the consumer and the clinician. This a book which I endorse and encourage others to read and apply Dr. Leight’s methodology to questions related to gay male relationships. SEX HAPPENS is a masterful and valuable contribution to the therapeutic literature”
– WILLIAM A. GRANZIG, Ph.D., FAACS, Professor and President, American Academy of Clinical Sexologists

SEX HAPPENS is a wonderfully informative book for men about sexuality and relationship including negotiationg open relationships and taking a sabbatical from troubled relationships. SEX HAPPENS is truly invaluable for gay men as well as their therapists.”
– DR. PATRICK MULHALL, Private Practice Clinical Sexologist

“Dr. Leight has written ‘the’ book for helping male couples understand the unique issues of intimacy and communication between men. SEX HAPPENS is an important and necessary tool for any therapist working with gay couples and a great guide for men to use to enhance their relationships.”
– GEORGE KALLAS, Psy.D, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Sex Therapist

SEX HAPPENS is ‘the’ guide for gay men seeking deeper intimate relationships. Dr. Leight writes from his extensive professional experience with sensitivity, guiding the reader through the often difficult emotional and sexual terrain of intimate connections. SEX HAPPENS is an indispensable resource for gay men and professionals alike.”
– DAVID FAWCETT, Ph.D., LCSW, Board Certified Clinical Sexologist

SEX HAPPENS is essential reading for gay couples considering marriage as well as those wanting to keep their relationship emotionally and sexually vital. Dr. Leight unveils the great potential for personal growth afforded by working through the growing pains of a committed love relationship.”
– MATTHEW WEISSMAN, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Sex Therapist

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